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Window Signage 101: Decals, Stickers and Clings

1Looking for a sign to put on your store’s windows?

Marketing your business or service holds precedence whether you are an individual looking to make the most of rented space or a business looking to promote your offerings.

In fact, storefronts have been used primarily by businesses since the advantages of outdoor banners and signage became well-known.

Inside or outside their store, businesses can utilize window signage as a means of attracting potential customers by optimizing their visual appeal. If you are looking into using window signage, it’s important to ask: which type of window signage is ideal for what purpose?

Window Signage Can Be Divided Into

This excellent marketing tool can be divided into 3 main types, i.e. window stickers, decals and clings. Window graphics are another type of window signage, also offered by Banana Banners.

Here are details for the different types of signage and why and where they are most effective:

Window Stickers

1A window sticker is just what it sounds like- a one-time use material that can’t be repositioned after ‘sticking’ to a window.

In the signage industry, stickers are often used interchangeably with window decals. So, you are probably looking for window or vinyl decals for your storefront’s window.

Window Decals

These have some type of adhesive backing, which is how decals are stuck to a window. Window decals are effective for marketing usage outside, inside or even from the inside facing out of a store’s window. Additionally, they’re semi-permanent until the adhesive on the back activates and glues the decal into place.  Window decals generally come in three different types:

  • Clear window
  • Perforated decal
  • Opaque window decal

Static Window Clings

1This is an incredibly popular material for use in graphic displays but primarily for indoor marketing purposes.

Static window clings are made of thin vinyl film that has the ability to cling to various surfaces, such as glass windows and doors. This window signage can also be displayed in metal or smooth plastic.

Window static clings don’t feature adhesive, are easily removable, and can be repositioned and reused. However, window clings aren’t ideal for outdoor use and marketing as they aren’t weather resistant.

There are many options you can consider when having your window signage designed. You can use window wraps, clings, lettering, graphics, vinyl decals, and much more inside and outside of your storefront’s window.

Consult with expert designers at Banana Banner who want nothing more than to see your business shine!




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