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What to Ask Before You Choose a Signage Company

1It’s not that easy to choose the right sign to represent your business; especially if you’re new to the whole game. Your sign is often the first image that someone sees related to your business, and if that’s not in the right condition, it might just leave a negative impression on potential customers.

This is why many companies such as Banana Banner offer signage services in Washington DC among other cities which are customizable and of high quality. And to help you make the right decision on choosing the best signage company for your business, we provide you some pointers so that you can make an educated decision.

What to Look Out For


It is very important that you have a path of communication to the company with whom you are doing your business. Many a times, because of the lack of communication and clarity, your signage company may create something that may be a far cry from what you originally had in mind. Make sure you get your ideas across, so that you get exactly what you were looking for.

Complete Services

As a customer, you have to ask your signage company if they provide complete service or not. Several times, customers end up with their signs without knowing how to install it since their signage provider did not include installation in the complete services or bill. Checking on installation and charges in the complete cost is important so that you can avail their full services.


At Banana Banner, we provide a wide range of graphics and designs so all our customers have to do is explore and choose from our collection of designs. However, there are many sign companies which do not offer this service. If you have something unique in mind, we can help you with that as well!


You could have the best design; but without the right material to complement it, it could end up looking cheap. Low-quality material or poor workmanship shows in the end product, and can really be damaging to your company’s reputation. The material will need to tick all the boxes in aspect of quality such as appearance, durability, color-retention, strength and others.


The pricing model for a sign can be tricky since each sign is different. And although most sign providers might hesitate to give you an estimated cost because of the varied needs, asking a quote might give you a look into how affordable the price is, compared to other signage companies.

So now that you know what to ask; go ahead and contact us and get the best designs in signs and banners from Banana Banner, your best banners and signs service in Washington DC.

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