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Using Custom Signs to Advertise Your Business in Alexandria

If you’re looking for compelling ways to advertise your business in an attractive and positive light, custom banners are the way to go. They’re effective, fascinating and compel your audience to take a moment and read about your brand. And the best part is that there are no limitations on how creative you can be with your banners!

Allow us to elaborate on why your business absolutely needs custom signs to catch the audience’s special attention:


Durability and Quality

The most common places where your banner can advertise your brand are on the roadside, streetlights, buildings, etc. This out-of-home advertisement technique exposes your brand message to a wide audience and because they’re usually meant for outdoors, they’re specifically designed to thrive in the outside weather. A special kind of ink is used to prevent the design and text from becoming blemished and blotchy, making the banner more enduring and durable. Their high quality is undisputed and they last much longer than the paper or cloth ones that can get spoilt easily.

Digital Printing

Before digital printing, banners were made through heat-pressing or sewing pieces of cloth directly onto the main banner. Needless to say, these techniques were extremely time consuming and expensive. And even though you’d have spent so much money to get a banner made, the outcome would be a blotchy and an untidy-looking banner that’d be unflattering to look at. Not to mention, the not-so-durable banner would quickly give in to weather conditions.


However, the advent of digital printing has totally revolutionized the concept of banners. Brands today can customize their banners and get them digitally printed. And the final product is this gorgeous banner that people would love to look at. The picture quality is flawless and the printing is excellent too.


Like we said before, with custom banners, there’s no limit on how creative you can be – the sky is the limit! You can come up with fancy and unique designs and use the banners in whatever way you like to communicate your brand message in whatever way you want. They can say whatever you want and you can place them wherever you want. In simple words, custom banners are an incredibly versatile advertising technique.

Businesses are able to reach a wide audience with custom banners that can last for years. Brands often reuse the same banner on seasonal basis, like for the holiday season and annual festivities.

At Banana Banner, we offer affordable and high quality custom banner printing services in Alexandria. With our excellent quality and even better designs, your business is guaranteed to soar higher than it ever has! Reach out to us for more information and details.

This article was written by: steve