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Tips to Design the Best Custom Made Banner for Your Business or Event

When buying custom banners and signs in Bethesda, you can usually Google the services which can provide you with all the options you need, but that doesn’t guarantee that the end result will be a masterpiece. To create the best custom banner, a budget isn’t the only thing that always matters. Along with creativity and a sense of design, you need to be able to know exactly how you can best use your resources to create a banner that will give the most positive impression of your business or event. Go for something that is too small and it will be unnoticeable; go for a bigger option and it might become too in-your-face to be taken seriously.

At Banana Banner, we strive to provide you with the best services your money can buy, and so, to help you with your design decision, here are just a few tips that might be helpful for you when it comes to designing a custom banner for your business or event.

–         Get the right size

When choosing a banner, the right size is very important. Since custom banners are available in all sizes, it is necessary that you pick a banner which is visible from a distance. Scout the area where you will place the sign and note if there are any obstacles that might get in the line of sight. To be effective, a banner must be big enough to be visible clearly.

–         Text Color and Size

The text on your banner needs to be clearly and legible so that you don’t need to squint your eyes, to read the message. Based on the size of the banner, get a font size which is most effective and eye-catching. Along with that, try to get colors which pop out from the background, since a person will obviously not be able to read what is written if it merges into the backdrop.

–         Fonts

We’ve all love playing around with fonts in a word document when we’re creating fancy presentations, so why not use that same creativity for a more constructive purpose? Fonts are very important when it comes to improving readability. Get thicker fonts if you want the sign or banner to be seen from a distance. If you’d rather have an intricate design, then choose a delicate font. However, once you’ve chosen the font, stick to it so that it becomes a signature font which others will be able to identify you with.

–         Overall Color

Visual effects are the biggest identifiers, so when choosing a color, do so by keeping the theme of your business or product in mind. Get compatible contrasts and matches instead of clashes. A clash of colors does not look appealing, thus creating a negative image for your business or event.

–         Finishing

Although we have concentrated more on the color and font of the banner, an obvious aspect of your sign which needs special attention is the material used to make the whole banner. What sort of material does your banner have? Is the material free of wrinkles and sewn properly? Is it completely wired and mounted? Pay attention to all of these factors and you will be rewarded with a professionally made custom banner for your event.

While searching for banners and signs in Washington DC might give you a lot of options to choose from, the best option is one where you can have the custom banner made, properly and efficiently. So now that you know what goes into making a banner, give us a call and go bananas for our services!

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