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The Many Benefits and Uses Of Wall Murals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a bigger picture worth a million?

Now we aren’t mathematicians at Banana Banner; but we do know that you want to attract customers and show them what your business has to offer. You might even be looking forward to adding a zing to the walls in your store while steering away from the traditional approaches to decoration.

1One perfect way to do this is by using wall murals. They come off as a relatively fresher method to decorate walls and offer a number of different benefits! Keep reading and explore how you can benefit from using these decorative masterpieces:

Wall Murals Are Eye-Catching

The size alone of a wall mural trumps the ordinary graphic options and makes your images pop! Whether you are looking for customer attention or to add a personal touch to the walls, murals come as exciting options to try out something new. Their uniqueness makes them instantly eye-catching.

Make A Statement

The distinctive appearances of wall murals make a statement about your store. When used creatively along with your brand and logo, these awesome wall graphics leave a positive impression on your customers and helps them identify with your business easily. Similarly, they work wonders in residential settings.

They Work In Any Location

The massive variety of wall mural designs makes them perfect not just for the sales floor – you can also jazz up the conference room to boost creative thought, your lobby for a more alluring look, and completely revamp a dull corridor to turn into a different landscape. There are practically no limits to creativity with wall murals!

They Are More Effective Than Paint

Painting can take days to complete – there are multiple coats and let’s not even get into the amount of time it takes for drying. On the contrary, wall murals come as quick and effective options in terms of installation and application. Also, when painting you need a smooth, clear surface to get perfect results but wall murals offer a variety of options for textured surfaces.

At Banana Banner, we design and print some of the highest quality wall murals in Alexandria, VA. Check out our wall mural collection for innovative ideas and interesting designs! Have a custom design in mind? Why not get in touch with us and check out what we can do for you.


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