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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make with Your Signs

We’ve all been there. We invest in some necessary marketing tools such as signs and banners for our shop or business and eagerly wait for it to work its magic. However, time goes by and business still gives the same profit as it did without the use of that marketing tool. So where exactly have you gone wrong?

Signage for any business needs to be precise and proper enough to make the customer curious about the business with just one look at the sign. As you’ve learned in our blog, How to Make an Effective Sign, we mentioned various factors which need to be kept in mind when designing a custom sign, however, when it comes to the actual creation, mistakes can still be made. So here, Banana Banner is going to give you some details on the kind of sign mistakes that can be wasteful for your business.

Sign Visibility

The great thing about a billboard is that it can be seen from a mile away by all. However, when talking about signs and banners, tricky placement becomes necessary. Failure to make the sign visible is the worst thing you can do with it, especially if you’re a small business which is just starting to make its name. Location is the key, especially if you’re targeting a certain audience. Using their relevance in placement can promote your business in a positive way.

Under spending

One factor which can really harm your business is the flimsiness and cheap image of your sign. Under spending on your signs is the mark of a stingy business owner, who probably won’t spend money on improving their product either. Signs represent the company; the better the sign, the higher the likability. Apart from using an amateur design just because it was cheaper, using a cheap material for the signs and banners can really harm your chances of making a good impression on potential customers. In fact, as one of the best banners and signs service in Washington DC, we at Banana Banner try to convince our customers to only use the best material and design there is, simply because it works as an investment.

Spelling Mistakes

Small yet deadly, spelling mistakes in the script of the sign can turn your business into a joke. Many such unfortunate mistakes have even made it online as jokes and have become subject to ridicule. When writing the script of your sign, remember to make the spelling flawless otherwise a simple moment of ignorance can turn into a costly mistake.

Copyright Infringement

The problem with creating a good sign is that it can sometimes bring trouble instead of customers if you’re not careful enough. Many a times, business names, designs and even color schemes become the reason for a lawsuit, so when designing a sign for your business, try to come up with something which isn’t too similar to something that already exists.

Difficult Design

Although using the different fonts and designs for your high school project might have seemed like fun in the past, using difficult to read fonts such as the Kunstler Script or the Matura MT script can really backfire, especially if you’re using abstract style graphics alongside it. Difficult designs won’t work, and you can bet that even if you use those signs to promote an abstract art show, people will still think that such difficult designs as a dumb choice.

Making such silly mistakes can cost your business a lot of money, but by keeping an eye on these common errors, your signs will help you welcome more and more customers effectively. So contact Banana Banner now for all your signs and promotional banner needs and promote your business!

This article was written by: searchberg