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How to Create an Effective Sign

You don’t need to use neon signs to make the customers take notice of your business. An effective sign for a business, whether it’s for retail to Medicare needs to have all the characteristics that would make the customer turn their head around to see and read what it’s displaying simply because it incites their curiosity. Signage for a business brings in the money, along with the loyalty of all those who want to become long-term customers, and for that it obviously needs to be attractive enough to catch the attention of the crowd at first glance.

A sign, whether used indoors or outdoors depends on several focus points. From simple characteristics such as colors, graphics, fonts and message to the proper visibility of the thing, a sign has to make the best first impression of a business. Here at Banana Banner, your very own banners and signs service in Washington DC, we try to make the best signs possible for our customers and to help you understand how you can create your own custom design which we can then manufacture for you, here are some of the details you need to know about in order to create an effective sign.

Color and Font

If you want people to take your business seriously, you have to give the right impression for it. A sign, whether it is for a gift shop or a toy shop needs to at least look like there was some thought put into it. Many a times, business owners use immature fonts and clashing colors without much regard for either, and that gives the customer a bad impression of the business. Even if you have a business which caters to a target audience, create a sign which is aesthetically pleasing and not irritating to look at. For example, at Banana Banner, we not only use colors that complements one another, but we also use adhere to the cardinal rule of signs; use only one font for the whole message unless it actually compliments the message.

Informative Content

When it comes to writing the script for the sign, it can be as minimalistic as a simple image that represents the business, or it can be as useful as a complete info provider. However, this difference of signs can only be used if the more informative signs are used inside the stores, as the outdoor signs will need to make a quick impression on a potential customer. Also, when working on the script of the sign, it would be better to keep the message short and sweet so that it can be read at a glance. Not only that, but when choosing the size of the font, keep in mind the size of the poster so that it is appropriately displayed, even from a distance. Visibility is very important for an effective sign.

Clutter Issues

A sign needs to communicate the message concisely and so crowding the sign with too many words, graphics or lines of text can make the sign harder to read. Although it can be tempting to stuff in as much information on a sign as possible to get a better response, we forget that the reason for a sign is to catch the attention, which is something a customer won’t give to your business if your sign is already too hard to read. Due to this clutter issue, many stores sometimes opt for window lettering to give a sleeker representation of their stores and sales. You can know more about window lettering in Arlington, then click here.

Although these are just the basics of an effective sign design, even knowing so will be more than enough to make a good enough sign that will work perfectly in attracting customers to your store. So now that you know how to design, go ahead and give us a call and buy your very own custom banner in Washington DC with Banana Banner!

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