When it comes to advertisement, both indoor and outdoor advertising are crucial in making your company resilient to setbacks.

Outdoor advertisements focus more on creating an external image of the company or the brand in open spaces that accurately reflects the values that it is constructed on. On the other hand, indoor advertisements fulfill the same objectives within four walls.

Banners and signs are used as an advertising tool to market businesses that have launched in a new area or want to publicize their products and services.

We live in a fast-paced world that quickly moves on from one trend to the next eye-catching advertisement. Business need to make their mark on the world, starting small and slowing moving upwards as they catch more sales traffic.


Vehicle wraps are used as a marketing tactic to partially or completely cover a vehicle with advertisement lettering and images.

Paints and vinyl sheets are used to print on the outer surface of the vehicle which is easy to remove and change. Usually, buses, vans, trailers and trucks are used to advertise, but car automobiles are also a great option.

Why Market Through Window Signs?

A one-time cost for long term marketing.

Have a lasting impact on customers mind with your brand image.

Unlimited possibilities for design customization.

Common Options For Commercial Window Art

Decals for partially covering windows

Quick apply window stickers

Immersive full length window clings

Rules For Choosing A Good Design 

RULE 1 :Don’t rush into choosing a design. It’s important to make sure the graphics reflect your brand.

RULE 2:Be innovative yet concise, as cluttered, overcrowded designs end up confusing people.

RULE 3:Avoid using photographs in the design. Design your art with a focus on lettering.

Post-Service Specifics

How long the graphic lasts depends on the conditions your window is exposed to.

Care as well as regular maintenance is required to ensure long life.

Advantage Over Other Forms Of Advertising

Not only does window signage cost a lot less than traditional large-scale advertising platforms, they also give you a lot more coverage for minimal price.


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A Look At The Numbers

More than 95% Americans respond to vehicle media

91% people notice words and images on vinyl wrapped commercial vehicles

29% Buy products based on their impressions of the company’s vinyl graphics

97% remember graphic based ads on commercial vehicles

98% feel vehicle graphics helps advertisers create a positive brand image


Want to avail the benefits of this amazing marketing tool?


Banana Banner Signs

1Looking for a sign to put on your store’s windows?

Marketing your business or service holds precedence whether you are an individual looking to make the most of rented space or a business looking to promote your offerings.

In fact, storefronts have been used primarily by businesses since the advantages of outdoor banners and signage became well-known.

Inside or outside their store, businesses can utilize window signage as a means of attracting potential customers by optimizing their visual appeal. If you are looking into using window signage, it’s important to ask: which type of window signage is ideal for what purpose?

Window Signage Can Be Divided Into

This excellent marketing tool can be divided into 3 main types, i.e. window stickers, decals and clings. Window graphics are another type of window signage, also offered by Banana Banners.

Here are details for the different types of signage and why and where they are most effective:

Window Stickers

1A window sticker is just what it sounds like- a one-time use material that can’t be repositioned after ‘sticking’ to a window.

In the signage industry, stickers are often used interchangeably with window decals. So, you are probably looking for window or vinyl decals for your storefront’s window.

Window Decals

These have some type of adhesive backing, which is how decals are stuck to a window. Window decals are effective for marketing usage outside, inside or even from the inside facing out of a store’s window. Additionally, they’re semi-permanent until the adhesive on the back activates and glues the decal into place.  Window decals generally come in three different types:

  • Clear window
  • Perforated decal
  • Opaque window decal

Static Window Clings

1This is an incredibly popular material for use in graphic displays but primarily for indoor marketing purposes.

Static window clings are made of thin vinyl film that has the ability to cling to various surfaces, such as glass windows and doors. This window signage can also be displayed in metal or smooth plastic.

Window static clings don’t feature adhesive, are easily removable, and can be repositioned and reused. However, window clings aren’t ideal for outdoor use and marketing as they aren’t weather resistant.

There are many options you can consider when having your window signage designed. You can use window wraps, clings, lettering, graphics, vinyl decals, and much more inside and outside of your storefront’s window.

Consult with expert designers at Banana Banner who want nothing more than to see your business shine!




Is there a way to tell your target audience and current customers about new happenings and business promotions in a cost-effective and effective manner? Yes, there is! Custom designed outdoor banners and signs can do that job just as well as any other means of advertising.

1Being a $50 billion market, signage is growing to become more popular. They have become a necessity for businesses today. Beyond fulfilling the purpose of guideposts, leading people to various businesses and providing them with new pool of customers, signage also creates brand awareness while delivering to the society on a broader level.

The Growth of Signage

A sign’s chief purpose is to provide identification to a business so that customers can easily locate it. Moreover, signage is used to activate customers’ impulse to induce a purchase, which permits businesses to flourish. Thriving businesses play a significant role in domestic economies and add to a steady tax base.

On one hand, their ultimate purpose may be to boost sales and revenue; however, on the other hand, signs and banners can be utilized to make downtown commercial localities livelier, promote brands and special offers.

Significance of Banners and Signs

Physical signs and banners have long been utilized to promote events, restaurants, stores etc, and are broadly known to offer the following benefits:

Increasing Customer Traffic

When mounted on the outside of businesses, signs and banners persuade potential consumers passing or driving by to pause, take a glimpse, and enter. Moreover, when signs and banners are positioned at public events, they serve as influential marketing tools for generating awareness for the brand, while attracting new customers.

Selling Particular Products

When placed in storefronts, signs and banners effectively promote certain products.  Similar to online inbound marketing which provide customers with solutions to their problems, physical signs fulfill the same to quite an extent.

Attracting Attention

Signages placed at high-traffic areas can trigger an inflow of traffic from a rival’s business to the one utilizing that sign.

1Announcing Sales, Discounts and Deals

Majority of the businesses utilize promotions to generate more revenue. They are also aware of the fact that to make those signs and banners more effective, they must be modified regularly.  If that’s not the case, consumers become skeptical, whether a special is ‘that’ special.

Encouraging Potential Customers to Visit the Website

When businesses insert their web address, social media pages, or QR codes to banners and signs, they improve their chances of being accessed online.

As of now, there are over 30,000 signage companies in the US today – a figure that clearly indicates the significance of signage for businesses.

From wall murals, to wall graphics, event signs, conference banners, window lettering and more, we cater to businesses in Alexandria, Arlington, Gaithersburg, Fairfax, and Reston.

Launching a new business and want to use alternative ways of marketing? Well luckily, there’re numerous ways by which you can market your business, service or product, and quite effectively too! From vehicle wraps, to outdoor display signage and posters, every marketing tool can be used to derive different results.

Today, businesses are seeking alternative and seemingly better ways of marketing like wall murals. And no, wall murals are not the same as graffiti.

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