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5 Ways Signs & Banners Can Boost Your Business

Banners and signs are used as an advertising tool to market businesses that have launched in a new area or want to publicize their products and services.

We live in a fast-paced world that quickly moves on from one trend to the next eye-catching advertisement. Business need to make their mark on the world, starting small and slowing moving upwards as they catch more sales traffic.

Here are 5 ways you can boost business sales using signs and banners.

Connect With the Locals

If you’ve expanded your business opening another branch in a new neighborhood, use banners and signage to attract local attention.

Outdoor banners can be placed near park fences, intersection poles and near the storefront. Use small and large vinyl and fabric banners to promote your products and services. Use introductory prices to create a buzz. Get people excited!

The local community will get familiar with your services and spread the message through word of mouth.

Use culturally sensitive words, images and graphics to get your message across. People will appreciate your sentiments and give your store a visit.

Direct Clients to the Business

Print the name and location of your business on banners and place them on lampposts and on buildings around the town. Potential clients will be able to find their way to your store much easily.

Custom signs outside stores should be placed high up to be visible from afar. Customers will be able to easily spot your business from a distance.

Make sure your storefront signs are eye catching and stand out. Make them different from other store signs in the neighborhood. Use funky and retro graphics and add LED lights to illuminate them in the dark. Brand consistency is key though!


Highlight a Product or Service

Did you recently increase your range of products and services? Do you have a new line of Fall clothing you want to advertise? Did your interior design business just diversify to include home renovation services as well?

Market these new and exciting ventures through banner and sign advertising. Place a banner near an apartment building. Put up a retractable sign outside construction sites.

Highlight those new services, promotions and yearly sales and welcome new clients into your stores.

Successful Business Branding

Signs and banners are an effective way of communicating your brand promise and its high standards. Strategically place a few big banners within a 5-mile radius for successful business branding.

They make your business visible in the market as people start recognizing the name and services offered.

Cost Effective Advertising

If you have a limited advertising budget and cannot afford the cost of social media advertising and Google ad words, banner and sign marketing is an affordable option.

Businesses can hire the expertise of a banner designer and have custom signage drawn and printed within a reasonable price.

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