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4 Tips to Designing a Successful Vehicle Wrap Sign

Do you ever wonder what customers think about your fleet of service vehicles? Chances are they’re going to judge you based off your vehicle wrap design. Studies show that nearly 68 percent of Americans have purchased a product or service when they saw a sign that appealed to them.

Signs are a crucial marketing tool and can lead prospective clients to picking up the phone and hiring you for a service. Now that’s a lucrative opportunity for those who provide plumbing, electrical or security-related services because many of them use company vans to mobilize.

Design a custom vehicle wrap with Banana Banner and give your brand the visual appeal it needs! Here are 4 tips that we believe make a successful wrap sign.


1. Don’t go overboard

First things first, try to play it safe. Clean and simple signs are much more effective than having poorly-made, low-resolution signs that are large enough for everyone to dislike. Make sure the logos on your wrap are in vector format and come with high-resolution images. This way your sign is legible and visible to potential clients driving down the road.

2. Measure the vehicle carefully

Whenever we’re installing a vehicle wrap, we’re very careful that it doesn’t get cut or distorted in the hard-to-reach spaces like door handles, windows and side view mirrors. It’s crucial that we measure the amount of space accurately, so your design shows exactly how it did on the sample piece.

3. Speak now or forever hold your peace

One thing we notice with clients who want custom banners or wraps is that they leave all the creative work to our designers and then offer their opinion. If you’ve got a particular style or image in mind, make sure you communicate it to us right away.

Feel free to give us as much detail as you like. We’re here to tailor everything from the fonts to the colors for you. Remember; the expert always knows what materials work best in each situation, but they can only give you what you want if you share your ideas openly.

4. Clean up the text and fonts

Signs on vehicles can be trickier static signs because you can’t put too much information where people don’t have time to read it. Try to incorporate simple, spaced out sentences with easy-to-read fonts. We suggest you outline your texts with a darker color for greater visibility.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your next vehicle wrap design project, then give us a call at 703-522-6262. We design wraps and banners for clients in the Washington DC area with state-of-the-art technologies so you can convert that sign into real customers!

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