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3 Things You Should Know About Window Graphics

1While any type of signage has the ability to succeed when it comes to hyper-local advertising, window graphics are the boldest and practically the most cost-effective solutions for enticing customers to step in through the door and hopefully, purchase your products.

At the same time, not all window graphics work the same. While “SALE!” might work sometimes, eventually prospects tune it out. The trick here is following window signage trends that don’t just let people know about your offerings, but also pull them to step into your store.

Here are the three most important things you should know about window graphic design and production:

They Are Direct and Bold

Regardless of their purpose or placement, all signs need a compelling call-to-action. This is especially true for window graphics. On an average, a passerby is exposed to your window graphics for a span of 5 to 10 seconds, regardless of whether they are in a car or walking by.

If you fail to tell them precisely what to do, they might ignore you. These signs should be designed bold and should pass on direct message on which prospects can act upon.

It might not just be a sale or a new product you may market, many stores also use window signs to push users to text on a specific number to be enrolled in a lucky draw or receive notifications about a product or service. The possibilities are endless!

They Focus On Visuals

1Words are powerful, but put in too many and prospects might be overwhelmed.

The perfect window signage creates flawless balance between images and words. Think about the purpose of your business – what are you selling?

Are you a clothing store? Then you are selling comfort, quality and style. Are you a wedding store? Then you are selling love and emotions!

Try to connect these ideas to images with a window signage and put forth a relatable experience for your customers.

Frosting Isn’t Just For Cupcakes

Large window graphics look great from the outside; but inside, they could affect your store’s lighting and ambience. Balance the benefits of window graphic displays with the need for natural light through frosted windows. At Banana Banner, we can help you print full-color graphics onto a frosted window so that your store looks equally amazing from the inside.

We can help you design window graphics in Alexandria, VA that can play a key role in attracting customers. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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