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Creative Ways of Using Outdoor Banners and Signs for Your Business

Is there a way to tell your target audience and current customers about new happenings and business promotions in a cost-effective and effective manner? Yes, there is! Custom designed outdoor banners and signs can do that job just as well as any other means of advertising.

1Benefits of using custom designed outdoor banners and signs are many.

In fact, it’s the only effective way to let customers know that you are still very much in business. It further highlights what really places you apart from competitors.

Thinking of trying this marketing method as a new business? Using effective and right outdoor signage can work for you by:

  • Grabbing target audience’s attention
  • Providing relevant information of your services
  • Inspiring them to take desired action

However, using the wrong type of signage won’t provide desired results. This is why emphasis must be placed on using the right type of custom outdoor banners and signs for different marketing efforts.

Take a look at the various types of outdoor signage below. Each one can be used for different purposes, having different results.

1. Pole Signs

These are signs that are outfitted on a single pole and usually display a company’s name. It’s meant to enhance company presence, visibility and highlight products and services offered—all in one go. Pole signs with changeable-copy letters are often used to advertise special promotions.

12. Wall Signs

These let your customers know where your business is located, and more importantly, what it does.

Wall signs can be designed in different sizes and shapes which mean you can unleash your creativity in design of this outdoor signage.

Additionally, wall signs can be illuminated from within, behind, or have lights on the sign itself.

3. Window Graphics

This type of outdoor display signage is a colorful and creative way to draw attention as potential customers pass by a storefront.

You can easily identify your business as well as promote products, services or a


big launch on the window of your store. Additionally, window graphics can also increase aesthetic appeal of your brick and mortar store.

4. Sidewalk Signs

This is another highly effective way to draw attention of the passersby, right when they are outside your store.

Outdoor signs are good implements of customer conversion, and the sidewalk display sign isn’t any different.

These usually come in a frame, i.e. store owners can change signs by taking out one frame and putting in another. Some even have a chalkboard or whiteboard surface on them—such as the sidewalk boards used outside restaurants to tell that day’s special menu.

5. Vehicle Graphics

This is a useful outdoor sign for businesses that are scattered across multiple locations. Individuals usually print out vehicle graphics on a public bus or a company car, so that it’s visible whenever the vehicle is on the road.

With so many types of outdoor display signs out there, how will you know which is best for marketing your business in Alexandria?

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